Board Election Results

2021 Board Election Results


Ken N. Borce, RN MBA

Given the fast-paced transformation of healthcare and the communities where we live and work, it is crucial that the nursing profession has a strong advocate. The global pandemic further highlights the need for a strong nursing voice at the table. With my passion for our profession combined with my diverse set of skills that I developed through my professional and volunteer activities; I would like to take this opportunity to positively contribute to the mission of the Association as the professional voice of nurses in Manitoba in the capacity of president-elect. I have a strong background in leadership, stakeholder engagement, innovation, and financial oversight. I also possess a broad range of nursing experience: long-term care to critical care, remote to urban, and operational leadership to board governance. Being an internationally educated nurse, I bring in perspectives that would enrich discussions that impact nurses in Manitoba. As a proponent of sustainability and innovation, I offer my expertise to ensure that the Association is ahead-of-the-curve by engaging pertinent stakeholders and exploring ideas and solutions that would better serve nurses. With my commitment and passion, it would be an honour to serve the nurses of Manitoba as the Association’s president-elect and play a pivotal role in advancing the nursing profession in our province.

Board director

Jacob Ahiaegbe, RN MBA

I am eager to utilize my skills to support and promote the vision, objectives, and interest of the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba. I possess excellent clinical nursing, administrative and leadership skills that I believe will be of value to the Association’s governance. Additionally, I have over two year’s experience working in a board environment including reporting to the board and participating in board committees in my current employment. Furthermore, I am an active member of the Association and the Association’s advocacy committee and I am a steering committee member with the Community Health Nurses of Manitoba. Through a joint effort between the Association and Community Health Nurses of Manitoba, in 2019, I presented the resolution to reduce health inequities through intersectoral collaboration related to the social determinants of health at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. This resolution passed with the overwhelming support of members. As a registered nurse and nurse leader, I am driven by my passion to ensure that every person has equitable access to quality healthcare services. In particular, I am committed to continuing the important work of nurses to tackle systemic racial discrimination in our healthcare sector that disproportionately affects Indigenous peoples in Manitoba.

Board director

Monica Maliszewski-Leahul, RN

Throughout my schooling and current job as a registered nurse, I have gained an immense amount of interest towards the ever-changing needs and issues that our healthcare system is faced with, along with challenges that exist in current nursing practice. The current pandemic being the most recent example of the complexities that our system needs to respond to. Becoming a member of the board of directors for the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba would further develop my passion in becoming a leader in representing and advocating for nurses across the region. I’ve been fortunate in my life to have lived and worked in a number of European countries; exposing me to a number of cultural experiences and perspectives of people’s values and beliefs. This has imparted such qualities as tolerance, empathy, diversity, adaptability and justice. I see these as unique assets directly complementing the mission of the Association. I greatly value the essential role of the Association and the pursuit of supporting and promoting nursing across all settings. It would be an honor to contribute as a member of the board of directors.

Public representative

Dr. Brenna Shearer, PhD MSA (HSA) BMR (OT)

I want to be a public representative on the Association’s board of directors to continue giving back to my community and being an active and engaged member of our healthcare society. I am currently the CEO of a non-profit advocacy organization and will be stepping down from this position in a few months. I have worked with many non-profit boards during my healthcare career and I am interested in expanding my skills in strategic planning, board governance, fundraising, policy development, and brand recognition growth in a related but different capacity. I enjoy being an active and engaged board member and giving back to my community in the process. As a CEO reporting to a volunteer board of directors, I am acutely aware of the role and value of a non-profit board. As an active and engaged board director for current and past non-profit boards, I am able to share my experience and skills to support board development and growth; and fulfill the mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities of an organization. My skills include member recruitment and retention, financial management, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, government relations, public relations, board recruitment, development and succession planning, governance, human resource management, and professional education and planning.