Advocacy in Action

Advocacy is a vital component of our work.

Our advocacy efforts include many different strategies to influence decision-making at a variety of levels ranging from individual meetings and speaking on behalf of our members, to supporting students and practicing nurses in utilizing our advocacy toolkit to guide their efforts.

We work hard to establish ourselves as a credible and valued organization that supports and advances the nursing profession.

Areas of Advocacy

Canadian Nurses Association asking Canadians to take action for health care 

Canada’s health-care system has reached a crisis point and urgent action is needed to ensure people in Canada can access the care they need.

That starts with supporting nurses.

Add your voice by taking a few minutes to send a letter to your elected representatives to urge them to fix nursing shortages and the health care crisis in Canada!

You can visit the CNA website to get started.

ARNM's Acting ED, Joyce Kristjansson, joins a task force to leverage internationally educated nurses in Canada

The Federal Government has funded the National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4) to look at how the Canadian system can leverage the knowledge and expertise of internationally educated health professionals. Joyce Kristjansson, Acting Executive Director for ARNM, is a working group member for this project. The goals are to produce:

  • A visual process map that reflects the current state of the pathways to licensure for IENs who have immigrated to Canada

  • A set of actionable recommendations to promote an equitable and efficient pathway for IENs to be optimally employed in Canada

Visit the N4 website for more information on its work to support immigrants and refugees. ARNM is committed to supporting internationally educated nurses who are in the process of getting their credentials recognized. We invite them to become non-practicing members of ARNM and to participate in our professional, educational, and advocacy efforts.