ARNM Congratulates Government of Manitoba on Implementing Seniors Strategy

By Kahla Evans posted 02-22-2023 18:05


Today the provincial government released “Manitoba, A Great Place to Age: Provincial Seniors Strategy.

The Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba (ARNM) are congratulating Hon. Scott Johnston, Minister of Seniors and Long-term Care for delivering a comprehensive strategy for senior's wellness in the province. 

“Today’s announcement shows that the government was listening to advice from stakeholders who called for a response to the diverse needs of seniors in our province,” said Joyce Kristjansson, Executive Director of ARNM. “Minister Johnston demonstrated a commitment to addressing many systemic challenges with the steps outlined today in the context of a health care system that has been put under significant strain in recent years.”

ARNM recognizes that addressing the social determinants of health and empower seniors to age in place will contribute to seniors’ wellness and reduce pressures on hospitals. Today’s announcement committed $1.3 million in 2023-2024 to support the first phase of expanding Manitoba palliative care services, starting in Southern Health-Santé Sud.

“ARNM believes that empowering seniors to stay active, providing them with greater access to care, and increasing access to palliative care are important steps to supporting the healthcare system overall,” added Kristjansson.

ARNM is also encouraged by the emphasis this strategy places on Indigenous engagement and co-design, reducing ageism and ableism, and promoting safe, inclusive and accessible communities.