2022 National Nursing Week Proclamation

By Orycia Karpa posted 05-09-2022 14:48


In support and recognition of the significant contributions of all nurses to the health and well-being of the people in Manitoba the Province of Manitoba has proclaimed this week as National Nursing Week. 

Proclamation: National Nursing Week

Province of Manitoba, Proclamation: National Nursing Week

WHEREAS: National Nursing Week has been set aside as an opportunity to learn about the largest group of health care providers in the country; and

WHEREAS: all nurses are working towards improving the health and well-being of the citizens of Manitoba; and

WHEREAS: nurses work collaboratively with all health disciplines to improve the health status of Manitobans; and

WHEREAS: nurses provide timely and quality care to people of all ages; and

WHEREAS: nurses are navigators, leaders and partners with individuals, colleagues, families and communities in providing guidance in health promotion and illness prevention; and

WHEREAS: nurses are dedicated to providing safe, culturally competent and ethical care to patients and their families; and

WHEREAS: nurses recognize the role of culturally appropriate health practices in supporting the health of our indigenous and vastly multicultural residents; and

WHEREAS: nurses are promoting nursing and health careers as a choice for students; and

WHEREAS: nurses advocate for advancements, such as clean air, water, affordable housing and other social determinants of health focused on providing care and support for maintaining health delivered in the community. 

Now therefore let it be known that I, Audrey Gordon, Minister of Health for he Province of Manitoba, do hereby proclaim May 9 to 15, 2022 as National Nursing Week in Manitoba and do commend its thoughtful observance to all the citizens of our province. 

2022 NNW Proclamation: 2022_NNW_Proclamation.pdf

Letter from Honourable Audrey Gordon: Letter_from_Honourable_Audrey_Gordon.pdf