ARNM Nurse of the Month - Zoe Ignacio, RN BN

By Orycia Karpa posted 09-01-2022 10:00


“When I was growing up, I knew I wanted to be a nurse,” says Zoe Ignacio. “Although it is an incredibly challenging profession – mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually – I have never regretted my decision.”

Since 2011, Zoe has worked at CancerCare Manitoba in various clinical areas and is currently a senior research nurse and primary study coordinator in the Manitoba Prostate Centre. Her research focuses on prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer.


“I believe nurses are in a position to contribute to the well-being of individuals of all ages, families, groups, communities, sick or well, and in various points of care and care settings,” says Zoe. “Nursing gave me a variety of opportunities until I found that oncology is where I can best provide care.”

Although Zoe’s nursing career has been primarily in oncology, she has had experience working in different areas of practice including psychiatric care, emergency, neuroscience, long-term care, post-anesthesia care, ICU, and vascular.

“Before I went back to oncology, people tried to convince me not to go back because it is ‘depressing’, and everyone is ‘dying’”, says Zoe. “That is not true. People with cancer are in a vulnerable state, and I believe I can help lighten their load by providing quality and competent care, support, and information.”

Zoe says there is truth to nurses wearing different hats. Oncology nurses have many different roles including clinic nurses, treatment nurses, nurse navigators, referral nurses, patient educators, nurse educators, and research nurses. Although oncology nurses are at the core, they collaborate with other health care providers.

“Everyone is very committed to the patients at CancerCare Manitoba,” says Zoe. “I like working with nurses from other areas because we get to learn from each other on how to best provide care.”

Since Zoe believes it is important to connect with and learn from other nurses in Manitoba, she has been a member of ARNM since its inception.

Nurses face so many challenges and need support from organizations like ARNM who understand their occupation – nurses for nurses. ARNM also helps to sustain, promote, and advance our abilities to provide safe, quality, and competent care. With that, ARNM reflects the community we serve and gives nurses a voice to make a difference.

As Zoe continues her work in oncology, she believes a big part of her job is to inspire and educate the next generation of nurses.

“My life purpose is to inspire, motivate, and make a difference with whomever I encounter,” says Zoe. “Nursing aligns with my values of caring, inclusiveness, and respect. The nursing profession solidified who I am. I am a nurse.”