The role of nursing with the Canadian Red Cross in Manitoba

When:  Aug 3, 2021 from 20:00 to 21:00 (CT)

Candice will outline her role as a nurse as a Director with the Canadian Red Cross. She will also discuss the planning and implementation of deployments and projects in Manitoba during the last year of COVD-19. She'll also speak to the role of a clinical nurse with the Canadian Red Cross.

Candice Vince RNBN
Director of Health in Emergencies for Manitoba and Nunavut-Canadian Red Cross

Candice has been a nurse in Manitoba for 23 years and has been honoured to work in all areas of nursing from the ICU to corrections. Her career guided her to public health which inspired her to attain an Infection Control Diploma which then led her to specialize in infection prevention and control and communicable diseases including tuberculosis. Her many years of experience and opportunities brought her to the role she now holds with the Canadian Red Cross.



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