Medical Terminology Micro-Course (multiple start dates, online through Robertson College)

When:  Dec 31, 2022 from 22:00 to 23:00 (CT)

Robertson College is now offering micro-courses. These are short, digestible courses designed to aid with the development of a new skill in a specific area, gain additional knowledge in a condensed amount of time, or to explore the many career passions and interests someone may have. Instruction is delivered online and the self-guided format gives learners the ultimate freedom to set their own study schedule and proceed at their own pace. Once a student has completed the micro-course, they will also earn an E-Course Certificate and Badge to add to their resume or LinkedIn profile.


They are offering an informative 120 hours ‘Medical Terminologymicro-course. Ever since its launch less than two years ago, Medical Terminology has been the most popular micro-course because it can be accepted as a transfer credit to most other post-secondary programs in the healthcare field. 

Boost your skillset and become a valuable asset in any industry.

In this self-guided online course, students are instructed using a word-building approach, learning to accurately generate and interpret medical abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, plural forms, special endings, root words and symbology.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to generate and interpret written language utilizing standard medical terminology
  • Be able to use and understand medical terminology in verbal discussions
  • Be able to interpret and use abbreviations and symbols encountered in descriptions of medical treatments and procedures
  • Analyze and understand medical documentation

Course Details

Format: Online Micro-Course

Length: 120 hours completed at your own pace

Course Price: $699 CAD*

*ARNM Members can receive a 25% discount

Who is Eligible?

This course is open to anyone. If you’re excited and eager to learn, you’re in. Course must be completed within six months of enrolment. If incomplete upon expiry, learners will lose access and will be unenrolled.


Online Instructions:
Login: Follow the link above for more info and to register.