2021 Federal Election

2021 Federal Election

Monday, September 20, 2021

Healthcare has never been more top of mind for Canadians than at the current moment. It will be a driving issue that will shape the 2021 federal election on Monday, September 20. As experts in healthcare, this is an ideal time to know the issues, use your voice and share your knowledge to influence change.

Know the issues

The Association supports the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) evidence-based recommendations.

  1. Support health workers 
    • Develop innovative strategies to provide tailored, sustainable, accessible, long-term mental health supports for health workers.
    • Establish a dedicated national coordinating body to address critical health workforce gaps and improve health system planning and workforce mobility through better data infrastructure.
  2. Expand access to virtual care
    • Lead the development and work with the provinces and territories to implement a pan-Canadian digital health strategy.
    • Accelerate the deployment of technology-enabled solutions to expand virtual care and ensure health workers have adequate training and resources to maximize the effectiveness of these solutions. 
    • Fast-track efforts to ensure all people in Canada have access to high-speed internet, including all rural, remote and northern communities.  
  3. Meet the needs of Canada's older adults 
    • Redesign the long-term care (LTC) sector by working with provinces and territories to establish, implement and enforce evidence-informed pan-Canadian standards tied to new federal funding.
    • Implement new, demographic-based, annual federal funding for the provinces and territories to help people remain in their homes into old age. 
  4. Fight racism and discrimination
    • Accelerate action immediately to provide reliable, permanent access to high-quality drinking water in all Indigenous communities. 
    • Provide funding to intensify the education and training of non-Indigenous healthcare providers in cultural competence, safety and humility. 
    • Provide funding to increase the recruitment of Black and Indigenous people and other people of colour into healthcare careers, and put in place strategies focused on retention and career advancement. 

    Access the tools

    Elections Canada

    Visit Elections Canada to determine your eligibility to vote and register, which are essential to participating in this year's election. 

    With the added challenge of COVID-19 this year, there are multiple ways you can cast your vote. Learn more about the ways to vote

    Election tools

    • Use the Canadian Nurses Association's Election Toolkit to take action and ensure your voice is heard
    • Take part in their letter writing campaign as an easy way to use your voice 
    • Participate in election events

    Official political party websites 

    Be informed about the political party platforms and the candidates in your riding. 

    Bloc Québécois
    Conservative Party of Canada
    Green Party of Canada
    Liberal Party of Canada
    New Democratic Party of Canada
    People's Party of Canada

    Use your voice


    Get ready

    Make sure you're registered to vote, know your riding and have your current address on file with Elections Canada.


    Ask questions

    Engage with party reps when they come to your door and consider participating in a forum in your riding.



    Email your candidates to let them know what you care about or reach out to them on social media. 



    Know how, know when, know where. Vote early or by mail to beat the crowds and ensure your voice is counted.