Professional Nursing Awards

Professional Nursing Awards

2021 award winners 

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 Professional Nursing Awards. Winners were recognized at the virtual Celebration of Excellence on Thursday, May 13, 2021. 

Award of Excellence: Nursing Administration

Trisha Alison Knight RN

Award of Excellence: Nursing Practice - Community

Rachel Wiebe Skouta RN NP

Award of Excellence: Education

Alia Lagace RN

Award of Excellence: Education

Nicole Kjartanson RN

Award of Excellence: Research

Dr. Christina West RN PhD

Outstanding Nursing Unit, Program or Interprofessional Team

University of Manitoba College of Nursing Nurse Practitioner Team 

Outstanding Nursing Unit, Program or Interprofessional Team

Mahkwa omushki kiim: Pathway to Indigenous Nursing Education 

Awards and criteria

This award is presented to nurses who have a proven ability as a change agent who advocates for the improvement of health outcomes and a decrease of health inequities for people living in Manitoba.

  • Consistently strives to advocate for the improvement of health and decrease of health equities for people in the province. 
  • Demonstrates exceptional collaboration, cooperation and respect.
  • Makes a positive impact with their work in this area.

Nominees for any award must consistently demonstrate:

  • Excellence in practice
  • Mentorship and support of colleagues
  • Patient/resident/client/family-centered care
  • Leadership and professionalism
  • Ongoing commitment to professional development and practice excellence
  • Advocacy for the nursing profession and health equity
This award is presented to unit, program or interprofessional team that has made a significant and meaningful difference to the health and well-being of a client population in a direct care, education, administrative or research setting.

  • Demonstrates exceptional collaboration, cooperation and respect
  • Consistently strives to improve and maintain a positive practice environment
  • Achieves positive outcomes for patients through a team approach
  • Applies research or best practices to improve patient care
  • Uses innovative and creative approaches

This award is presented to nurses with more than 25 years of service who have made significant contributions to the nursing profession.

  • Made an outstanding contribution to the nursing profession at a local, provincial, national and/or international level
  • Made a significant contribution to health promotion and/or the delivery of healthcare services in Manitoba
  • Made significant contributions to the prestige and credibility of nursing
  • Made a positive impact on the practice of nursing over a sustained period
This award is presented to nurses in a point of care/front-line position who consistently demonstrate expertise and evidence-informed clinical practice.

  • Is an expert in their former field of practice
  • Is a life-long learner
  • Delivers exceptional patient and family-centered care
  • Practices in a manner which is evidence-based and uses evidence to effect positive change
  • uses innovative and creative approaches
  • Facilities interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Articulates and demonstrates nursing's contributions to the healthcare team
  • Actively fosters a quality work environment and positive culture
  • Is a leader and a role model
This award is presented to nurses in clinical practice who entered the profession within the past five years, demonstrates excellence in their practice area, outstanding communication and promising leadership qualities.

  • Demonstrates leadership qualities and characteristics
  • Displays exceptional communication skill and ability with colleagues, patients, families, etc
  • Shows promise to continue to develop as an exceptional member of the profession
  • Demonstrates a solid understanding of professionalism
This award is presented to nurses who promote the value of nursing and enhance the body of knowledge related to the art and/or science of nursing.

  • Is an expert researcher
  • Is a life-long learner
  • Conducts research with a demonstrated practical application; influences the practice of nursing or health care in general
  • Shares their research (i.e. through papers, policy, presentations, conferences, etc.)
  • Acts as a role model, a mentor or consultant to foster the development of beginning researchers

Awards of Excellence

 This award is presented to nurses who exemplify transformational leadership qualities and promote a culture of innovation and practice excellence.

  • Demonstrates exemplary leadership skills (e.g. is visionary, motivating and inspiring).
  • Is a life-long learner
  • Actively creates a quality practice environment and promotes a positive culture
  • Promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge and the application of evidence in practice
  • Facilitates positive change based upon evidence
  • Uses innovative and creative approaches
  • Articulates and demonstrates nursing's contributions to the healthcare team
  • Demonstrates a commitment to a culture of patient safety
This award is presented to nurses who practice as a nurse educator in a college/university or clinical setting and demonstrate teaching excellence by encouraging critical thinking and innovation.

  • Is an expert educator
  • Is a life-long learner
  • Is a positive, stimulating educator as evidenced by awards or other recognition (e.g. teacher of the year, outstanding student feedback)
  • Uses teaching approaches that are innovative, creative and informed by research
  • Conducts research or uses research in the development of course content
  • Participates in curriculum development and develops innovative programs and courses
  • Advocates for and participates in the advancement of nursing education

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