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ARNM is offering new opportunities to get your message in front of the largest group of healthcare professionals in Manitoba – nurses.

We’ve opened new advertising opportunities on our website and in our eNews and are now accepting sponsors for our highly regarded Talk Tuesday professional development series.

Reach & Exposure

ARNM represents more than 10,000 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs), nurse practitioners (NPs), registered nurses (RNs), graduate nurses, nursing students, and former nurses in Manitoba.

ARNM is the professional voice of nurses in Manitoba. We support nurses to be empowered health leaders across all settings to advance nursing and advocate for the public they serve.

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Advertising with ARNM offers a unique opportunity to connect with the largest group of healthcare providers in the province.


The monthly eNews has over 10,000 subscribers and a 54.6% average open rate in the past six months.


The Association's website averages 1,661 views per day. 

Talk Tuesdays

Talk Tuesdays is our weekly professional development series. 2021 had a yearly total of 2,597 attendees. 

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ARNM events offer valuable insights and connections for anyone whose strategic interests lie in the healthcare industry. A partnership with ARNM brings your organization face-to-face with nursing students and nurses from the frontline to leadership positions in an environment where people have time and interest to connect.

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Career Opportunities

Place your job posting in front of 10,000 highly educated, skilled, and professional nurses through our Career Opportunities page.

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