Are you looking for an exciting way to get involved in healthcare and make a difference? Consider joining one of the ARNM Committees! Get the chance to make a positive impact on the health system, and network with a diverse group of peers.



The Advocacy Committee works with ARNM staff on advocacy issues, initiatives, and strategies to realize ARNM’s vision of advancing the nursing profession and public policy as leaders in health. 

As part of the Advocacy Committee, you will help provide recommendations on issues where advocacy work is needed, provide recommendations on strategies, solutions and partnerships that would address issues and further advocacy efforts, help to evaluate the effectiveness of advocacy and government relations initiatives, and more.  


The Awards Committee recognizes and highlights excellence in nursing practice and evaluates submissions.

As part of the Awards Committee, you will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating all nominations for the Professional Nursing Awards. The Professional Nursing Awards encompass 10 awards that recognize and celebrate nurses and teams who demonstrate excellence in practice.


The Finance Committee identifies issues, develops options and makes recommendations to the Board in the following key areas: monitoring the fiscal plan; reviewing and monitoring the investment policy; overseeing the operational planning and budgeting process; monitoring the financial performance of the revenue development strategy; monitoring business outcomes; and overseeing the audit process. 


The Governance Committee identifies issues, develops options and makes recommendations to the Board in the following key areas: bylaws, elections processes, Board positions and composition, committee structures and recruitment, membership categories, reporting processes and member consultation. 


The Professional Development Committee creates professional development opportunities that target needs identified by ARNM members. 

One of the main duties of the Professional Development Committee is planning and facilitating the Talk Tuesday sessions. If you value having a professional identity, a professional voice and truly want to accomplish the shared vision of nurses supporting nurses, join today!


The Emerging Leaders Network is made up of students, new graduates, and novice nurses in their first five years of practice where they can connect, support, and inspire one another as they flourish professionally and develop as leaders.

This committee helps guide the direction of the network and takes leadership for the network events including selecting topics, finding speakers or panelists, and facilitating meetings.


If you would like to join a committee or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 204-992-1520, or emailing