Kimberly Workum


Kimberly Workum is a Senior Instructor and Director of Clinical Competence Assessment Centre & Digital Strategies at the College of Nursing at the University of Manitoba. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Charles Sturt University in 2004 after starting her studies at the University of Manitoba. She further obtained an Adult Education Diploma from Red River Community College in 2005 and completed the Neonatal Pediatric Critical Care Program from the Health Sciences Centre in 2001. She completed her post-graduate education with a Master of Education from Charles Sturt University in 2011 and holds several certifications, including Canadian Certified Nurse Educator, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator and Keystones of Healthcare Simulation. In both Nova Scotia and Manitoba, Kim has worked in obstetrics and pediatrics across hospital and community context.

Kim is a member of several organizations, including the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba, the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, and the VR/AR Association. She has received various awards, including the Association of Regulated Nurses Award of Excellence in Nursing Administration in 2022, the Outstanding Nursing Unit, Program, or Interprofessional Team Award for Simulation in 2020, and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences CPD Educator of the Year in 2019.

In addition to her roles at the University of Manitoba, Kimberly Workum led her team in launching a Virtual Reality (VR) program in the College of Nursing's high volume undergraduate program. She is passionate about VR/AR/XR and is incorporating this technology into other programs within the College of Nursing. Furthermore, she is launching a high stakes VR assessment for foreign-trained nurses moving to Manitoba, highlighting her commitment to innovation and immersive learning in nursing education.