Sherri Dyck


As a dually licensed LPN and RPN, with a diverse practice background that includes long-term care, rural practice, a variety of psychiatric settings, and current member of the Faculty of Health Studies at Brandon University, I strongly advocate for both professions, bringing an in-depth understanding and appreciation for each role in health care. I am passionate about advancing the profession of RPNs in Manitoba. I believe we need greater visibility in the province and are suited to fill many diverse roles. I currently co-chair the RPN Advisory Committee for the ARNM and bring my strengths of advocacy, dedication, organization, and visionary leadership to the board. I engage in critical discussion and work collaboratively with others. In addition to my involvement with ARNM, I am actively involved in the advocacy of mental health across Canada through both the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses. My aim in being on the ARNM board is to be a voice for Manitoba RPNs and LPNS and actively expand ARNM membership. I am committed to helping strengthen ARNM’s mandate to advocate for and support the well-being of all nurses in Manitoba.