Stephanie Lelond


Stephanie is a Registered Nurse with over 14 years of clinical practice. Currently working as an Advanced Practice Nurse- Clinical Nurse Specialist in Early Palliative Care at CancerCare Manitoba, she is dedicated to providing education and improved access to expert symptom management, patient centred care, coping support, and goals of care discussions in advanced cancers. Stephanie received her Nursing Baccalaureate and Master of Nursing degree at the University of Manitoba and is a strong advocate for advanced nursing practice, palliative care, and contribution to community. She is passionate about nurse-led research, innovative solutions, responsible financial stewardship, and sustainable data collection to demonstrate the value of nursing contribution. As a clinician and researcher, Stephanie has focused on early palliative care, advanced pancreatic cancer, patient centred care, and decision making in advanced cancer. She also serves as the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology/Association Canadienne des Infirmières en Oncologie. Stephanie brings to the board her dedication to elevating the nursing profession through empowering nurse-led patient centered solutions to healthcare challenges.