ARNM 2023 Manitoba Election Priorities

ARNM (Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba) has been actively engaging with all major political parties in the province to discuss our concerns, solutions, ideas and priorities ahead of this fall's election.

As the professional association representing regulated nurses in Manitoba, we recognize the importance of having a strong and effective healthcare system for the well-being of all Manitobans. We firmly believe that the system will be better off when nurses are engaged, valued, respected, and represented. This is why we are committed to empowering nurses and ensuring they can work to their full scope of practice. 

We are proud to stand behind our commitment to empowering nurses in Manitoba's healthcare system. We believe that by supporting and valuing our nursing staff, we can create a healthcare system that is collaborative, effective, and provides the highest quality of care to all Manitobans.

The plan is called "Healing Manitoba's Future" and for a copy, please email Kahla at