ARNM Congratulates New Ministers, Calls for Nursing Expertise in Policymaking

ARNM (Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba) wishes to congratulate the new members of the provincial cabinet on their appointments today.  


Notably, ARNM looks forward to establishing a positive working relationship with Hon. Uzoma Asagwara, Minister of Health, Seniors, and Long-Term Care as they chart a path forward on improving health care in the province. Further, Hon. Bernadette Smith, Minister of Housing, Addictions, and Homelessness and Mental Health, has a vital role to play in ensuring Manitobans’ health is prioritized over the years ahead.


“Nurse leaders are policy experts with direct experience of the challenges our health-care system faces,” said Joyce Kristjansson, Executive Director of ARNM. “We hope the government will commit to using our knowledge from the early stages of policymaking through to policy implementation.” 


Nurses have much to offer a new government that has prioritized improvements to the health-care system. At the early stages of deliberation, bringing in nursing organizations like ARNM for consultations on policy proposals will ensure the government has a clear sense of how to best achieve its objectives for Manitobans. 


“In the coming days we will be connecting with the new Minister of Health and their staff to remind them of our priorities. We look forward to working with them in their new role,” added Kristjansson.