The nurse-patient relationship: Working with patients recovering from an eating disorder in the inpatient setting

You are invited to participate in a study, coming from the Faculty of Health Studies at Brandon University, which aims to explore how nurses form therapeutic connections with adult patients undergoing treatment for eating disorders. By sharing your experiences and expertise, you can contribute to the development of best practices in this specialized field.


To be eligible for this research, you must be an RN or RPN currently working in Manitoba or Alberta. Additionally, you should have a minimum of one year of experience on an inpatient unit with patients being treated for an eating disorder. If you are not currently working with this population and in this setting, you must have done so within the past year.


By taking part in this study, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of patients struggling with eating disorders. Your input will help shape the future of nursing care in this area, ensuring that patients receive the support and understanding they need.


To participate in this study, or to learn more, you can contact Raquel Almeida RPN, Master of Psychiatric Nursing Student at (204) 797-4866 or