Nursing Retention Toolkit Implementation

Health Canada has announced the launch of the Nursing Retention Toolkit, a comprehensive resource designed to support nursing retention across the country and beyond.


With acute nursing shortages being a pressing issue, the toolkit has been developed by nurses, for nurses, drawing on the expertise of the nursing community, evidence-based practice, and current lived experiences of front-line nurses.


The toolkit focuses on eight core themes that impact a nurses' day-to-day working life, providing practical strategies and tools to improve working conditions and job satisfaction.


At ARNM, we invite you to explore this valuable resource and join us in our mission to support and retain our nursing workforce.


You can find the Nursing Retention Toolkit here.


As the Toolkit has now been released, ARNM's Executive Director Joyce Kristjansson has reached out to government officials confirming ARNM's interest in leading this work in the province, and a draft project proposal. 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to ARNM at


We look forward to working together to find ways to support nurses in providing health care to Manitobans.