Start your membership renewal today

Start your ARNM membership renewal today

ARNM has a new website and membership software to better serve our members.


you must connect to your membership on the new software


If you have already done this, you can log in at and begin your renewal. If it's your first time, follow the directions below.

Your old credentials will no longer work. The new system uses your email address as your username, (not your registration number as in the past).

  1. To connect, CLICK HERE
  2. When you receive your confirmation email, select link to create password
  3. All done. Now you can log into your account and begin the renewal process.


New for RN/GN and NP members:

You will notice a much lower membership fee for 2024. In the past your membership included your CNPS professional liability protection. Your ARNM membership is voluntary and this year does not include CNPS membership.

As of 2024 renewal, all RN and NP members will now have access to a new CNPS user portal called MyCNPS from which you can review your CNPS registrations, eligibility periods, and receipts.

As a result, your ARNM renewal fee and CNPS PLP fee will be paid in two transactions.

Once you've completed your ARNM renewal, you will receive a confirmation email from us. This email will contain a link to renew your CNPS professional liability protection for 2024.

As a member of ARNM, you continue to benefit from the CNPS group rate – which represents a $20 saving over the CNPS individual rate.

ARNM is a voluntary association that advocates for nursing and the health system and offers professional opportunities for nurses and discounts, including on CNPS professional liability protection. We count on your membership to continue our advocacy work on behalf of all nurses in Manitoba.