Our History


The passing of The Registered Nurses Act (1999, proclaimed in 2001) led to the establishment of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (College) and reflected a legislative change in mandate from a combined professional body and regulator to the primary role of regulator. Over the next 15 years, the College gradually changed its structure and services to reflect a purely regulatory purpose.


The College notified its members that the role of the College had shifted to be only regulatory due to the new Regulated Health Professions Act. This shift in mandate resulted in a change of services and relationship between the College and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).The Manitoba RN Network was formed as a grassroots response. After a series of three open meetings between January and March 2014, a steering committee of volunteers was formed with representatives from practice, education, leadership, and policy to explore the development of a new organization that could be the professional voice of nurses and the jurisdictional member of CNA.

CNA and the College provided funding to explore the need and feasibility of a professional association. The College provided one-time funding to the Network to develop a strategic plan, business plan and incorporate the organization.


The College provided a loan to the newly incorporated Association to help it get established. The Association was incorporated under the Corporations Act of Manitoba in September 2015.


The Association officially launched in January 2016.


Members overwhelming approved bylaw amendments to expand the Association's membership structure to all regulated nurses. To accurately represent membership the Association changed it's name to the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba.